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Radial drilling machine is intended for industrial applications.

Due to the technical possibilities of the machine, it can be used for treating holes in repair shops, or in a high-volume production.

Radial drilling machine is intended for industrial applications.

The machine allows: drilling; drilling out; counterboring; reaming; threading.

Features and advantages of the machine:

  • simple and reliable solution mechanisms gearbox and feed;
  • guide radial arm and columns heat treated;
  • shutdown feeds , when drilling reaches the set depth, performed in manual or automatic mode;
  • inclusion of reverse the spindle when the drilling reaches specified depth performed in manual or automatic mode;
  • clamping radial arm on the column and clamp the column in the base performed automatically.


Application on the machine tool special adaptations and special tools significantly improves the performance of the machine and expands the listing of potential operations.

Drill capacity, mm 55
Thread cutting max, mm M24
Morse taper size No.5
Radial arm swing, mm (min/max) 1050/3514
Distance between spindle nose & drill base, mm (min/max) 580/1600
Number of spindle speeds 12
Speed range, rpm 40 - 1730
Number of spindle feeds 9
Feed Range, mm/r 0,06 - 1,5
Power of main drive motor, kW 4
Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg 3500

Standard accessories:

  • key to control cabinet;
  • drain plug key;
  • turning handle;
  • set of transitional bushings;
  • set of wedges.

Optional accessories:

  • box-shaped table;
  • vice;
  • drill chuck;
  • thread-cutting chuck.