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Omnimil versatile knee-type milling machines models FU350MRApUG-03, FU450MRApUG (analogues manufactured in the USSR - 6T82Sh, 6T83Sh)

Omnimil versatile knee-type milling machines of “StankoGomel”, OAO production, allow to carry-out milling of steel and cast iron parts either with vertical and horizontal spindles.

At the machines of this series spindle head rotates in both directions at 45˚, which allows widening of equipment’s functionality.

The machines have good referrals in small and large-batch production.


Main advantages of omnimil versatile knee-type milling machines models FU350MRApUG-03, FU450MRApUG:

  • horizontal and vertical spindles. Two spindles allow allows widening of machine’s functionality in small and large-batch production;
  • simple in control;
  • easy in operation;
  • design rigidity; increased wear-resistant of guideways liners;
  • max. table load 1000-1500 kg, which allows machining of large-capacity work pieces;
  • console lowering mechanism eliminates tipping machined surface by tool during back accelerated table stroke;
  • table clamping mechanism by down feed in longitudinal coordinate ensures necessary rigidity and eliminates vibration;
  • mounted ballscrew assemblies allow achieving high movement precision, which in turn allows us to mount DRO systems and Systems of Positional Programming Control at the machines

If you are interested in these milling machines, you could refer to their technical parameters in the table below.

Technical parameters

Machine's model FU350MRApUG-03 FU450MRApUG
Working surface of the table, mm 315х1250
Table loading, kg 1000 1500
Longitudinal table travel, mm 850 1120
Table rotation in both directions, degr. 45 45
Cross slide rest travel, mm 270 345
Vertical knee travel, mm 500 630
Main drive power, kW 5.5 11
Max. spindle torque, Nm 925 1850
Tool taper ISO-50 ISO-50
Diameter of front bearing, mm 110 110
Number of feeds 18 18
Speed range, rpm 28…1400 28…1400
Longitudinal and cross feeds, mm/min 16…800 16…800
Vertical feeds, mm/min 5…250 5…250
Feed drive power, kW 1.5 2.2
Rapid travel, longitudinal and cross, mm/min 3150 3150
Rapid travel, vertical, mm/min 1000 1000
Total power consumption, kW 11.11 26