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Control system PLCNC was designed and applied for milling machines FU/FW/FSS in cooperation with company Siemens.

If you want to switch over to machining of another type of parts, you spend time only for change of tool and workpiece as well as pressing of "Cycle start" button. Machine will be reset for machining of another part immediately; change of feed rate will be made automatically.

Machines FU/FW/FSS inPLCNC version mediate between CNC machining centers and conventional machines with relay-contact control system.



Knee-type milling machines FU/FW/FSS 350/450 PLCNC have redesigned electrical equipment and control system. Vary-drive allows infinitely variable feed rate control, smoothness of acceleration and braking, stop exactly in preset position. Direct measuring systems allow highest positional accuracy.

Control system consisting of HMI-panel and programmable logic controller (PLC) widens functional possibilities of the machine. Unique intuitive user interface combines simplicity with ergonomics and functionality.


  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) SIMATIC S7-300
  • Display board TP177B mono
  • Feed drive Simodrive 611U with electromotor 1FK7101
  • Direct measuring systems LIR for X-, Y- and Z-axes


  • No financial and time expenses for resetting for another batch of parts
  • High accuracy of machining along with active application of linear motion transducers (feedback availability) instead of DRO mode
  • Availability of infinitely variable feed rate control with constant torque
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Wide functional possibilities near to possibilities of CNC machines


  • Indication of current position of machine's working units in machine and operative coordinates with possibility of fast switching between them
  • Indication of machine's operating modes
  • Indication of error reports
  • Parameterization of machine's work
  • Control of machine's mechanisms in setup mode using buttons; use of electronic handwheel for axial travels
  • Abstracting (zero setting) of machine's axes according to zero marks of position sensors
  • Manual mode allowing control of workpiece machining using buttons of control panel
  • Entering and correction of arbitrary programmable cycles in the editor (up to 200 travel frames in one cycle); simple and convenient interface of editor, which makes creation and correction of cycles easier
  • Execution of cycles in automatic and frame-by-frame modes; possibility of sequential repetition of chosen cycle
  • Storage of cycles in permanent memory (up to 50 cycles in basic configuration)
  • Control of emergency conditions and displaying of error reports
  • Recording of error log
  • Possibility of automatic parts' counting by cycle machining