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System of programming-positional control allows

  • runout to “0”, work in manual, pre-setting and automatic modes with operating program ( similar to CNC);
  • possible use of electronic handwheel;
  • programming in standard G- and M-codes, cycles programming for multiple repetition of program section, blocks skip, subroutines call function ( similar to CNC);
  • correction and making of executive routines is possible either at the operator’s panel, or at PC: program will be downloaded from PC through serial interface RS-232;
  • backlash elimination;
  • correction for tool’s radius and length, working coordinates system offset (from machine’s zero to part’s zero);
  • slot milling operations in automatic mode, as well with breakdown


Relay ladder logic system is produced at the basis of controller LIR 581.

Movement by each of axes are made in turn from one motor, kinematics switching is made automatically, position indication at display for each axis; in the capacity of position sensors optical movement linear transducers.

Possibility of equipping by vertical, horizontal, omnimil versatile milling machines FSS450MR, FSS350MR, FW450MR,FW350MR,FU450MRApUG.

Technical parameters:

Table working surface: 315х1250, 400х1600, 450х1800 mm
Table load: 1000, 1500 mm
Table travel: longitudinal 850 or 1120 mm,
cross – 270, 345 mm,
vertical 350, 400, 630 mm
Main drive: 5,5, 11, 15 kW
Spindle speed rotation: 28-1400, 56-2240 RPM
Feed speeds are programmed: от 0 - 3400 mm/min for axes X,Y;
up to 1600 mm/min by Z
Positional accuracy: up to 0,025 mm
Max. number: of programs – 20, subprograms – 50