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Gear-grinding semiautomatic machine with synchronous drive connections modelВСН-840CNC25 is intended for machining of spur and helical gears, splined shafts, by rolling and fractional part in single-part and serial production.

Programmed-mathematical software allows to control he semiautomatic machine in dialogue mode, ensuring multistep machining cycle with tangential, radial and axial feeds.

Semiautomatic machine with five controlled axes is equipped with CNC system Sinumerik 840D and SIEMENS drives.


Technical parameters

Max. machining diameter, mm 400
Max. cog-wheel module, mm 8
Max. gear cutting gradient angle, degrees 35
Max. vertical carriage movement, mm 450
Max. diameter of worm abrasive wheel, mm 300
Max. length of horizontal carriage movement, mm 400
Max. table rotation speed, min-1 500
Max. rotation speed of grinding wheel, min-1 8000
Work feeds range, mm/min: 1...1000
Dimensions of semiautomatic machine, mm 4355х2963x3200
Weight of semiautomatic machine, kg 12000