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The semiautomatic machines are intended for grinding of smooth, stepped, conical and shaped surfaces of bodies-of-rotation type by method of plunge-cut or through-feed grinding. Workpieces of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys before and after heat treatment, as well as workpieces of various nonmetallic materials with the corresponding selection of abrasive tool and work rest blade ma-terial are being ground. The special automatic machines can be produced on the base of the semiautomatic machines equipped with loading-unloading devise.


Structural features:

  • Arrangement of the machines: BCA-180B NC2 with stationary wheelhead; the rest of the machines of above range are with movable wheelhead and work-head.
  • High productivity, accuracy treatment and quality of workpieces surface are provided by availability of reliable and precision spindles: the working spindle is in high-precision antifriction bearings, the grinding spindle is in hydrodynamic bearings.
  • Feed of grinding wheel on the workpiece with the compensation of re-movalling of abrasive layer when dressing, as well as minor setting-up are pro-vided by electromechanical mechanism of feeds with the servodrive (except of BCA-180B NC2).
  • The machines are equipped with systems of automatic dressing of grinding wheels (except of BCA-180B NC2).
  • Availability of programmable controller with the electronic operator s panel enables to carry out monitoring and controlling of operation of the machines efficiently.
  • The machines are completed with the "SIEMENS" and "MITSUBISCHI" control systems and electric drives in consultation with the Customer.
ВСА-180В-NC2 (3Е180В) ВСА-183В NC2 (3Е183ВМ) ВСА-184В NC2 (3Е184ВМ) ВСА-184В KNC2 (3Е184ШВ) ВСА-185В NC2 (3Е185ВМ)
Diameter of grind-ing, mm 0,5...10 2...40 4...80 5...80 8...160
Maximal length of blank to be treated, mm
- when the through-feed grinding without special attachments 58 170 260 495 360
- when the plunge-cut grinding with the nominal height of the wheel 38 155 245 320 315
Dimensions of wheels, mm:
- grinding 200х40х76 400х160х203 500х250х305 500х500х305 600х320х305
- regulating 150х40х51 300х160х127 350х250х203 350х500х203 400х320х203
Circumferential speed of grinding wheel, m/sec 35 35 35 35 35
Rotational speed of regulating wheels spindle, rpm:
- when the grinding 5-250 15-150 12-150 10-150 10-150
- when the dressing 380 300 300 300 300
Power of primary motion drive, KW 2/2,5 11 30 45 37
Total power of electric motors to be installed on the semi-automatic machine, KW 5,6 17,72 38,52 63,36 45,52
Overall dimensions of the semiautomatic machine, mm: 1570x1145x1755 2940x2145x2420 3570x2360x2420 3850x2650x2420 3840x2450x2420
Weight of the ma-chine, kg 1200 4580 6740 10860 9100

Standerd delivery set:

  • Work rest blades and templates for the machines test.
  • Grinding and regulating wheels for the machines test.
  • Complete set of accessories and spare parts.
  • Documentation.

On optional order:

  • Through-feed setting-up or cutting-in (plunge-cutting) for all the range of treatment.
  • Attachment for the balancing of wheels out of the machine.
  • Complete set of work rest blades for all the range of treatment.