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Semiautomatic machine is designed for high precision grinding of outward and inward cylindrical surfaces and also faces in multi–step parts - a kind of rotation body. Sphere of use of semiautomatic machine is enterprises with large-scale and mass production.

Parts machining on semiautomatic machine is produced at the expense of vertical travel (feed) of grinding wheel and circle rotation of the part with oscillation or longitudinal feed. Faces machining can be realized by one pass depth method with radial feed (allowance removal at one pass) or like usual face grinding with grinding wheel dressing according to CNC controlling program with compensation.


Table mirror:

Machining scheme:

Parameters name Value
Dimensions of grinding wheel installed on semiautomatic machine, mm
- наружный диаметр
- inward diameter

Maximum dimensions of machined work piece, mm
- outward diameter
- inward diameter
- height

Spindle rotation frequencies ranges, min-1 5000…18000
Article table rotation frequencies ranges, min-1 5…60
Discreteness over controllable coordinates Y (mkm) /Z (mkm) / Ŕ (angle ń) 1,0 / 1,0 / 0,36
Speed of quick (installation) travels, mm/ min
- of wheel head
- of compound slide

Main drive power, kW 18,0
Overall dimensions of semiautomatic machine with attached equipment: length x width x height, mm 3840Х2130Х2140
Mass of semiautomatic machine with attached equipment, kg 4500