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Machines are designed for machining of flat surfaces of articles from ferrous and non-ferrous metals installed and fixed on round table faceplate mirror or on electromagnetic chuck fixed on a faceplate by method of grinding.

Cone surfaces with maximum cone angle +5° (convexity) or -3° (concavity) can be ground on the machine by the method of linear interpolation with use of dressing attachments having the opportunity to set up the grinding wheel onto cone.

The rational design of the base, column, table and wheelhead made of cast iron ensures the machine high rigidity and vibration-free operation providing stable precision and purity of machining.

Machine is equipped with the CNC system Sinumeric-802D with electric drives STEPDRIVE for control over coordinates Y and Z.


The use of high precision backlash-free rolling ball-screw pairs in the feed units ensures smooth, high precision, backlash-free positioning.

All working travels on machines are automated. There is an electronic handwheel for travel over coordinates Y and Z with discreteness 1 mkm.

Machine is equipped with the electric components of leading world producers such as: "Siemens", "Balluff", "FAG", "Rexroth".

Parameters name


vers 00
without dressing mechanisms

vers 01 dressing mechanism
is on the wheel head

vers 02 dressing mechanism
is on the table

vers 03 dressing mechanisms
are on the wheel head
and on the table

Machine accuracy class as per GOST 8-82

High precision

Table diameter , mm


Accuracy parameters
achieved on workpiece:

- flatness, mkm

- parallelism, mkm

- roughness of surface,
machined by peryphery of wheel, Ra




Maximum diameters
of machined workpiece , mm

- diameter

- height (with installation on the table mirror)



Grinding wheel dimensions, mm


Ranges of working bodies travel speeds
(adjustment without steps):

- of rotation of table faceplate, min-1
(coordinate B)

- of cross travel of column, mm/min
(coordinate Z)

- vertical travel of wheelhead,
mm/min (coordinate Y)




Grinding wheel rotation drive:
power, kW /
spindle rotation frequency, min-1


Overall dimensions of machine , mm:
length x width x height


Mass of machine (together with attached equipment), kg