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Flat profile grinding semiautomatic CNC machine for grinding flat surfaces and profiles model ОSH-620.1.F3

Praha, Česká republika

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420 773 162 174

Flat profile grinding semiautomatic CNC machineis intended for final grinding of flat surfaces and profiles, representing combination of sections, straight lines, arcs, circles and other pre-defined curves in Cartesian coordinate system. Grinding wheel profiling is carried out with help of rolling diamond rolls, mounted at the table by reciprocal movement of grinding head and carriage by Yand Z coordinates.


Structural features:

  • Rigid construction of frame, dual slides, column, table and wheel-head
  • Movable operating elements travel by Y and Z coordinates with help of high-precision, play-free ball screw bearing assembly
  • Linear and circular interpolation by coordinates Y and Z
  • Table travel (coordinate X) from hydraulic cylinder
  • Guideways automatic lubrication
  • CNC system SINUMERIK 802 C/802 D/810 D
  • Feedback with help of HEIDENHAIN photoimpulse transducer

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Precision class by GOST 8-82 V V
Table plane dimensions (BxL), mm 400х800
Maximal precision parameters, achieved at sample workpiece:
- sample workpiece dimension, mm
- flatness, mkm
- parallelism, mkm
- surface roughness, machined by wheel side, Ra

Work feeds ranges:
- table longitudinal travel ( axis X), m/min
- vertical travel of wheel-head ( axis Z), mm/stroke
- cross travel (axis Y), mm/stroke

Max. dimensions of machined surfaces, mm
- length
- width

Max. weight of mounted workpiece (together with electromagnetic chuck) 400
Number of controlled coordinates 3
Max. distance from table plane to spindle axis, mm 650
Grinding wheel dimensions (DxHxd), mm 400х80х127
Maindrive, kW 5,5
Dimensions, мм
- length
- width
- height

Weight, kg 3600