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The semiautomatic grinding machine is intended for grinding outer cylindrical surfaces and slots in multistep “body of revolution” typework pieces, as well as outer surfaces of cog-type work pieces.

Field of application of the semiautomatic machine – enterprises with mass serial and high-volume production.

Features of the machine include the following: use of grinding (elbor) wheel, oil- based liquid coolant, universal system of coolant feeding, collection, frequency regulation of grinding wheel and machined work piece rotation, CNC system, rapid grinding.


Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Limit dimensions of mounted work piece: length×diameter, mm 250x300
Max. travel of carriage/grinding wheel, mm 290x170
Grinding wheel dimensions: D x d x h, mm 450x127x8
Main motion drive, kW 3,0 (5,5)
Ranges of spindle rotation frequencies, min-1 1500... 4000
Dimensions with attached equipment: length × width × height , mm 3840x2130x2140
Weight of semiautomatic machine with attached equipment, kg 4500