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Surface grinding machines model 3D711VF11 are intended for high-precision machining of flat surfaces of various parts, using grinding wheel profiling parts mounting devices - profiled surfaces, slots, steps, and as well as grinding by wheel end face.

Structural features

  • High rigidity and vibration resistance of machine due to regular-style design of the bed, slide rest, column, table and grinding head guarantee stable precision and finish.
  • Even high-precision play-free positioning due to use of ball-screw bearings.
  • All work movements of the machines are automated.
  • Optional electrical accessories components of leading global manufacturers SIEMENS, BALLUFF.
  • Base parts made out of cast iron


Surface grinding machines model 3D711VF11 is manufactured in two industrial versions:

  • version30 without DRO and version 31 with DRO with foreign electrical components;
  • version 54 with electrical components;

Technical parameters

Parameter Surface grinding machine model
version 30 without DRO
version 31 with DRO
Precision class by GOST 8-82 V
Table plane dimensions (BxL), mm 200х630
Maximal precision parameters, achieved at sample workpiece:
- sample workpiece dimension, mm 380х120х120
- flatness, mkm 4
- parallelism, mkm 5
- surface roughness, machined by wheel side, Ra 0,16
- table, m/min 2…30
- carriage, mm/stroke 0,3…40
- grindinghead, mm 0,002…0,08
Max.movements, mm
- table 670
- carriage 245
Max. weight of mounted work piece (with device and electromagnetic chuck) 200
Max. distance from table surface to spindle axis, mm 550
Grinding wheel dimensions (D x H x d), mm 3000 х 40 х 76
Maindrive, kW 4
Dimensions, мм (length x width x height) 2175 х 1788 х 2035
Weight, kg 2950

Scope of supply of surface grinding machine:

  • Cooling system with feeding electric pump and magnetic separator for its cleaning;
  • Table drive and lubrication hydraulic station;
  • Grinding wheel with flanges;
  • Fast-wearingandspareparts, toolsandaccessories.

Optional accessories:

  • Electromagnetic chuck,
  • Grinding wheel dressing mechanism,
  • Grinding wheel balancing device, profile grinding device, widening machine’s capabilities

On-demand: version of electrical automatics, allowing to ensure automatic machine cycle job: rough grinding, final grinding, wheel dressing compensation, stopping by going to dimension.